Sew Up North sponsors: round 3!

Hi there! So we’re back again today with yet more sponsors for our charity raffle for Sew Up North.   As I’m sure you know, the event has currently sold out and we do have a waiting list for tickets; you need a ticket if you want to join us at the final venue for... Continue Reading →


Landers great and small

Hi there! So I'm back from my holidays and feeling very relieved to have got home to some more sensible temperatures, after nearly dying of heat exhaustion in Italy.  I jest of course, but genuinely, I am not designed for daily temperatures over 35 degrees combined with high humidity! Anyway, I have some blog catching... Continue Reading →

Dungarees for Minerva

Hi there! So this post was actually written quite a while ago, but was written for Minerva so the date of publishing was down to them. There's been a continuing theme around here for some time of learning to properly fit trousers to my obviously slightly unusual shape.  This make was one I think of... Continue Reading →

Sew Up North: raffle sponsors round 2

Wow....what can we say... the tickets for Sew Up North 2018 were all claimed within 24 hours!! Blimey you lot were keen! Sally and I were stunned at how fast they disappeared this time around. If you have a ticket and if your circumstances change then please let us know as we can re-release your... Continue Reading →

Feathered Trevi

Hi there! It's time to share my latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post with you.  This one is a little special because I had the photos taken at the Stitch Room Sewcial. It was rather strange having professional photos taken of a make, especially since I normally just take my own shots with a tripod... Continue Reading →

All about the cherries

So look. I realise that there have been very few blog posts for a while here. And then, like buses, there's a whole bunch at once. What can I say? That's just the way it goes (and one of the reasons I have never wanted to look into monetising this blog: I write when I... Continue Reading →

Portobello perfection

Hi there! In previous years, as the weather's turned warmer, I have found myself mass producing sleeveless tops and pretty dresses to suplement my ready to wear clothes and give my wardrobe a boost.  This year, despite there being some tops on the radar (and a couple in the wardrobe. And at least one directly... Continue Reading →

Sew Up North 2018

We’re baaaaaack! So, as we announced on Instagram a little while ago, Sally and I are all geared up for the next round of Sew Up North! We, and hopefully some of you, will be hitting the coffee (and cake) shops of Leeds, probably buying lots of fabric and charity raffling our hearts on September... Continue Reading →

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