Sew Brum here I come!

Hello there!  Just a very quick post today to say that, suffering from the post holiday blues, I have bitten the bullet and booked myself a place at Sew Brum!

Last year’s event looked to be a really good day out so I’ve decided to be very brave and trundle off to Birmingham for the day.  On my own.


Much as I have a tendency to lay myself bare on here, in real life I’m pretty scared of new people.  So this is a big deal for me.

But there’s the temptation of other people who love sewing to talk to.  A whole day of sewing natter.

So, emboldened by my lovely days out at the Simplicity Blog Meet and the Knitting and Stitching show, I’m putting myself outside of my comfort zone again in the hopes of having another great day.

Only, if you’re going, would you be nice enough to say hi to billy no mates me?

Becca x



2 thoughts on “Sew Brum here I come!

  1. It was a lot of fun last year and I knew not one single person 🙂 I got to meet some lovely people. I’m going to come again this year – again on my own. It is nerve-wracking isn’t it?! I’ll defo be looking out for you and come and say hi!

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