And the winner is…..


So, 20 of you entered my little competition to win a lovely fabric bundle courtesy of Minerva Crafts (thank you again!)  I was hoping for lots of nice ideas of things I might in future spend my budget on and I got them!

There was no one outstanding idea on there, they were all great, and so, being a geek, I resorted to Excel’s help.  All names were listed and numbered and then Excel’s mighty random number generator was employed.


And, according to Excel, 11 is the magic number!


So that means that Shauni, you are the winner of the fabric bundle!  I will let Vicki know and hopefully you should have some lovely new fabric to sew with (or, you know, just cuddle!) very soon.

Couldn’t resist using this photo of Sally cuddling another Minerva fabric bundle at Sew Up North!

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Becca x


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