Starry skater dress


I’ve got another slightly festive make for you today.  I didn’t actually think of it as festive until I wore it to work the day after I finished it (as you do!) and one of my new colleagues commented that I was wearing my Christmas dress.

Clearly they don’t know me well!

Anyway, this dress was inspired by A Million Dresses, in much the same way that my love of the Emery dress was.  So many beautiful versions of a dress appearing on Instagram will sap you willpower!

It’s the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress.  I made it first in a Christmas fabric described as a spun polyester which was extremely stretchy and lightweight; probably amazing for leggings.  This version was to be made in a mid weight sweatshirting bought from Dots n Stripes at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate last month.  It’s made by Lillestoff and I begin to understand why people rave about this stuff. It’s lovely! But clearly it has a lot less stretch so I was a little hesitant.

I shouldn’t have worried.  The first version of the dress wasn’t stretching much at all to fit and so the reduced stretch in this version wasn’t an issue.  I did make a few changes from the original pattern;

  • I reduced the length of the bodice by 1cm front and back.  I know it’s not that much but it did make a difference.
  • I re-drew the neckline slightly, leaving the shoulders where they were but drawing the neckline itself further in to improve the fit across my shoulders and reduce the risk of my bra flashing at people!
  • I added pockets, simply by pinching the pattern piece from the Colette Myrtle dress and attaching them on the side seam about 1″ below the waist seam.

The changes make me much happier with this dress. And in the thicker, heavier sweatshirting, it holds the shape of the skirt really well, which I like.

I do find that the pockets make the line of the side seams slightly bumpier, but it’s a price I’m prepared to pay in order to have somewhere to put my phone if necessary.  This dress is secret pyjamas at their best. My new team at work apparently dress down all the time (panic!) and this is the perfect combination of comfort without being scruffy in jeans all the time.

Also, the fabric is a perfect match for my Tatty Devine stars necklace: what more could a girl want?

Becca x


8 thoughts on “Starry skater dress

  1. Really insightful comments as to the pockets. I’m hesitant to getting the pattern as I am aware it doesn’t have pockets. Just wondering if there’s any advancements on the pocket situation?


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