Sew Up North update II

Hi there!

Time for another quick Sew Up North update!

We’ve already shared with you the lovely raffle prize offered by Minerva Crafts and the discount offered to all attendees by Sew Essential. However, there’s lots more to come!

The next contribution we were offered for the charity raffle prize fund is one I will definitely be buying a few extra tickets for.  You may have noticed that I rather like independent pattern companies.  And that, like most people, some match my personal style more than others.

One that I am particularly fond of (and own rather a lot of patterns from) is Tilly and the Buttons.  From Agnes to Coco, Orla to Cleo, Rosa to Martha, I’ve made a fair few of her patterns and have rather more on the to do list.

Sewing table

The lovely Tilly has offered us 2 pdf patterns of the winner’s choice from their website.  The lucky winner will be able to take their pick from the full range of pdf patterns.

Thank you so much Tilly, you are awesome!

So, if you haven’t already, head on over to the Facebook page and get yourself signed up!

Becca x


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