Sew Up North sponsor alert!

As promised, Sally and I have been working hard behind the scenes for Sew Up North on June 24th 2017. Just over 1 month away now!
Next on our list of appreciation of our sponsors is the lovely Laura of Cotton Reel Studio

She has promised us a 20% discount code for those attending. Yes….You heard right! So you’d best RSVP to join in the fun!

If you haven’t come across Cotton Reel Studio before, I highly recommend having a good look around with your favourite brew in hand together with your Paypal details.

They stock my favourite Pattern Designers – Deer and Doe, Megan Nielsen, Tilly and the Buttons just to name a few! Also not forgetting the beautiful fabrics; I recently succumbed to Instagram temptation and bought this fabulous viscose for a summer frock and it feels heavenly!

Although they are an online business, that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to answer any questions you might have about their products. 

Thank you Laura, you are awesome!

Tempted to join us? Do RSVP and let us know, it’s completely free (subject to the strength of your willpower when fabric shopping, of course!)
Becca x


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