Sewing world sponsor 

Hi there!

Unbelievably, Sew Up North is this Saturday (have I mentioned that before?!) and Sally and I still have not got to the end of the list of our generous sponsors. How amazing is the sewing community? I’m not sure whether I’m feeling excited or petrified? I find big groups of people quite scary, and new people terrifying so goodness only knows what I’ll be like on the day! If you’re coming, I apologise in advance, I tend to run on adrenaline and talk too much!

We were going through the list of prizes on Saturday and wondering how on earth we’re going to part with all these things (and also, carry them around Leeds!!) If you’re coming, make sure you allocate some funds to raffle tickets!

Sally had persuaded Leanne, co editor of Sewing World Magazine, to donate this great bundle of goodies: a magazine with a lovely looking pattern, some fat quarter bundles and some sewing books. 

Hopefully all these prizes mean we’ll be able to raise lots for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The charity need to raise £12,000 a day to keep both life saving helicopters running; they are not government funded but they save lives every day. 

5 sleeps to go…….

Becca x


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