Hi everyone, A slightly different post from me this evening, although it’s on a topic I  have touched on before. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m joining in (marginally intermittently) with this year’s #sewphotohop.  This involves posting a photo each day to a predefined prompt theme, many days being sponsored by […]

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Sorting the sewing room

It’s been rather quiet on here of late. Since the madness of Sew Up North I’ve been inclined to sew rather than write and there’s also been other, “real world” stuff going on which I may or may not go into another time. But not today.  Today, I am on an aeroplane to Cyprus and, […]

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Blogger Recognition

Today’s post has taken me a while to write and has left me rather surprised. I got an email notification a few weeks ago that I’d been nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by Felicity and was absolutely stunned.  I think I work on the assumption that pretty much no one reads my words and […]

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Foldline Fame

Hi there! Have you come across The Foldline yet?  If you’ve found my blog I’d be very surprised if you hadn’t but, just in case, The Foldline is a site dedicated to all thingsstitchy.  You can set up your own profile, find other users to chat to, follow bloggers and access their enormous reference library […]

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The Seamstress Tag

Hi there! How’s your week going? Mine’s been a bit of a funny one; after almost 11 years within the same team, I’ve accepted a new role, so I’m kind of in that funny transition period.  But it’s past time for a change: my only regret at this point is that it won’t get rid […]

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Sew Brum here I come!

Hello there!  Just a very quick post today to say that, suffering from the post holiday blues, I have bitten the bullet and booked myself a place at Sew Brum! Last year’s event looked to be a really good day out so I’ve decided to be very brave and trundle off to Birmingham for the […]

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So, why sew?

Hello!  Hope your week is going well? Mine has in some ways improved enormously: I don’t have to go to work for nearly 3 weeks and 2 of those will be spent at Walt Disney World in Florida with all of my family, children and parents. On the one hand this is obviously incredible. Finally […]

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