Goji has to go

Today's make is a first for me. It had to happen sometime and this, it seems, is it; it's a Deer and Doe pattern that I don't love. I don't even like it very much. I should. I like the line drawings. I like the topstitching details. I like the big patch pockets and the... Continue Reading →


The faux dress

Morning everyone! Today sees the publication of my latest Minerva Blogger Network post.  I got some glorious magnolia print rayon from them with plans to make the Fumeterre skirt by Deer and Doe. This was partly because I'm a huge D&D fan girl (not dungeons and dragons, obvs!) and partly because I've seen loads of... Continue Reading →

Swishy Selena

I made a skirt! I realise that isn't necessarily that unusual for some, but I really am not a skirt person by nature.  Somehow they feel a bit odd sometimes? I'm never sure what to wear them with and I can feel quite frumpy. Anyway, this skirt was one of those times when you get... Continue Reading →

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