Sew Up North sponsors round 6!

Oh my! It's getting closer!!! Only 2 weeks away now!! Becca is busy preparing your guide to the day so keep an eye on your inboxes as it will be winging it's way soon! Still can't quite believe how many lovely sponsors we have for our Charity Raffle in aid of the The Yorkshire Ambulance.... Continue Reading →


Sew Up North needs you!

Hi there! This blog post is a call for help from any of you lovelies who have tickets for Sew Up North and feel kind enough to give us a little bit of a hand on the day. Sally and I have decided to ask for a little bit of a hand on the day,... Continue Reading →

Sew Up North on the move!

Hi everyone! We’ve got an important update today for those of you with tickets for Sew Up North. First things first, don’t panic! The event is still very much on, same date and time. However, our final location has had to change. We apologise for this: it has been completely outside our control. As you’re... Continue Reading →

Trevi top

I don't know about you, but it seems that every year now, I hit a stage of panic sewing around a month before my holidays.  It always, always creeps up on me, together with the realisation that I cannot possibly complete my mental holiday wardrobe anything like in time. This week so far, in a... Continue Reading →

The Dressmaker’s Dress

Hi there! Sorry things have been quiet here for the last week, I was absolutely wiped out after last weekend's Sew Up North.  I had the most amazing day, but found it utterly exhausting, both mentally and physically.  I've mentioned before how hard I find meeting people; I don't think it's that uncommon amongst sewists,... Continue Reading →

Sew amazing!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may be aware I was involved in organising a little bit of an event on Saturday.  Together with fellow blogger, Sally, we put together a little, bitty Leeds based sewing meet up called Sew Up North. And it was amazing! Our day started pretty early (Sally's... Continue Reading →

One More Sleep!!!

Pardon the use of multiple exclamation marks, but I'm a tiny bit excited. And nervous. And stressed. Because tomorrow is Sew Up North day! Sally and I never thought this would work out as popular as it has, thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for tomorrow.  We're both rather nervous; I... Continue Reading →

Sewing world sponsor 

Hi there! Unbelievably, Sew Up North is this Saturday (have I mentioned that before?!) and Sally and I still have not got to the end of the list of our generous sponsors. How amazing is the sewing community? I'm not sure whether I'm feeling excited or petrified? I find big groups of people quite scary,... Continue Reading →

Simply six sleeps to go!

Hello one and all! We are on the final countdown to Sew Up North!! Only 6 more Sleeps! Sally and I had a meeting today (in Costa, obviously) to sort all the final details and stuff the goody bags.  Here's Sally showcasing a small selection of the goodies that will be handed out to our... Continue Reading →

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